Quality Rating: Gulf Coast Health Care is a leader in national rankings.

4 star graphicAs of February 2021, Gulf Coast Health Care has an average quality rating from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) of 3.50 stars. This score is an average of the overall quality rating from each of Gulf Coast’s 27 skilled nursing centers. This score puts Gulf Coast well ahead of the national average for quality ratings, which is 3.35 stars.

About CMS’ Five-Star Quality Rating System.

CMS’ rating system is part of its Nursing Home Compare website, which is designed to help patients and their families make meaningful distinctions between high-performing and low-performing nursing homes. The Five-Star Quality Rating System itself gives these people an easy-to-understand summary of three important dimensions of nursing home quality:

  • Health inspection results
  • Staffing
  • Healthcare quality (by multiple measures)

The Five-Star Quality Rating System is intended to raise the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries and strengthen these people’s protections. More than 15,000 nursing homes are covered by the Quality Rating System as it is mandatory for all providers participating in Medicare or Medicaid. For this reason, and with dozens of quality measures considered, the rating provides a data-driven way to evaluate nursing homes on an objective, equivalent basis.

What the quality rating stars tell you.

The rating system gives nursing homes a score of one to five stars for inspection, staffing and quality measures, and a fourth set of stars for the overall score. One star indicates a center that is in the bottom fifth of nursing home performance nationwide, and five stars indicate the top 10 percent.

The rating system is ongoing, with constant reporting and continuous assessment. Star ratings are updated each month, providing people (and the nursing homes themselves) with a “snapshot” of how well a particular center is performing. The rating system is not a substitute for a personal visit to evaluate a center’s fitness for you or your loved one, but it is important for helping distinguish centers’ quality and selecting which ones to visit.

What the Five-Star Quality Rating System measures.

Based on direct inspections, reported staffing data and specific surveyed quality measures, the star ratings reflect how a center performs with regard to:

  • Fire safety and emergency preparedness
  • Food storage and preparation
  • Medication management
  • Nurse staffing levels
  • Overall health of patients
  • Rates of ER visits, rehospitalization and return to care
  • Rates of return to home
  • Fall rates
  • Many other categories

Learn more about the Five-Star Quality Rating System and Nursing Home Compare from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. To contact Gulf Coast Health Care, or to see the ratings for an individual Gulf Coast center, visit our Locations page to find a specific center near you.

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