Community is the centerpiece of
Gulf Coast Health Care’s approach.

group of older adults outside under tree canopy

There are several ways to define “community,” and there are many kinds of communities. Indeed, most of us belong to more than one community, such as those having to do with religious affiliations, preferences for leisure activities, or areas of interest. The concept common to all is that a community is a group which shares a particular characteristic.

For Gulf Coast Health Care, community is also feeling of fellowship with others, and it is a vital part of our approach to senior living and skilled nursing.

Building community by serving our communities.

At our centers, we cultivate a community centered around elevating life for the people in our care. At the same time, our centers, associates, patients and residents (and their families) exist within their surrounding communities. We’re proud to play a role in giving back to the communities in which we live, work and serve. In fact, our participation in our local communities reflects our company culture and the principles we value as caregivers.

For our patients and associates alike, we provide resources that allow them to contribute to our local communities, and to a better tomorrow. We also partner with local universities and colleges, serving as training sites for medical students.

By engaging with our communities, we prove—and extend—our commitment to others. At the same time, we present the people in our care with more opportunities to interact socially, be mentally stimulated, and offer value to the world and the future.

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