National Nursing Assistant’s Week 2021

GCHC Celebrates Certified Nursing Assistants Week with Spotlight on Tenured Associates


Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) play a vital role at Gulf Coast Health Care. With their skills and dedication, our senior patients are properly cared for in a safe, supportive, and loving environment.  From assisting with meals to measuring daily vital signs, CNAs are the backbone of the patient process at our centers.

To honor this critical position and thank our associates, we’re sharing the stories and pictures of the tenured CNAs who have worked with us for more than 20 years.

We asked them why they do what they do, and to share their favorite part about being a CNA. The answers are touching, as most of our associates love taking care of seniors.

Here, the cherished, tenured CNAs at GCHC:

Spotlight on GCHC’s Certified Nursing Assistants


Queen E Sibley, CNAQueen E Sibley, CNA: Pine View Health and Rehabilitation Center

30 Years


“I became a CNA because I love helping children and seniors. I love caring for residents. When I’m not working, I enjoy vacationing with my family and having fun with the residents.”



Sharon V. Crosby, CNA: Pine View

22 Years


“At first, it was a quick path to a career. But then I started enjoying my job. I love meeting different people and learning about their lives and helping people when I can. My hobbies include playing softball and reading a good book.”



Kim Hodge, CNAKim Hodge, CNA: Bay Breeze Senior Living and Rehabilitation Center

26 Years


“I chose to become a CNA to care for others. I love helping people who can’t take care of themselves. When I’m not taking care of my patients, I have 5 cats that are my babies, soul and my heart.”



Lisa Trotter, CNALisa Trotter, CNA: Lakeside

30 Years


“Having compassion for others allows me to help others. My favorite part of my job is helping someone.”





Patricia Ann Pleasant, CNAPatricia Ann Pleasant, CNA: Arcadia Health and Rehabilitation Center 

28 Years


“I love being helpful to people, especially those who can’t help themselves. I love giving good quality care to my residents and to watch them light up from being happy. Having a good sense of humor keeps you young at heart.”



Julie Sumler, CNAJulie Sumler, CNA: Bayside Health and Rehabilitation Center

24 Years


“I became a CNA after taking care of my father when he was ill. I love helping people and listening to their life stories.”



Eva Johnson, CNA: Suwannee Health and Rehabilitation Center

20 Years

“I love walking in daily and saying one kind word to put a smile on a resident’s face.”


Linda Tucker, CNA: Specialty Health and Rehabilitation Center

20 Years

“My grandmother was the reason for becoming a CNA.  My residents are family and I love them all as if they were my own. When I’m not working, I enjoy painting ceramics and enjoying as much time with my kids.”


Sarah Fairley, CNA: Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center

20 Years

“I love the elderly and taking care of my residents. When I’m not working, I enjoy sewing, gardening, and fishing.”


Sharon Wells, CNA: Shelby Health and Rehabilitation Center

20 Years

“I became a CNA after caring for my grandmother when her health failed. I love being able to help people and to give positive encouragement to uplift someone and see them smile. My favorite activities are reading, watching TV, family gatherings, and spending time with my grandchildren.”


Linda Jackson, RCNA: The Rehabilitation Center of Winter Park

19 Years

“I like helping people and thought becoming a CNA would be a good career choice for me. I love being able to help people that need my help and appreciate me helping them. My favorite activities include reading, traveling with my family, and the ability to get alone time with people.”


Regina Wiggins, CNA: Specialty

25 Years

“I’m a CNA because I love helping others and our residents. My favorite activities outside of work include listening to music, reading, spending time with grand kids, visiting wherever we choose to go.”


Altha (Fay) Washington, RCNAAltha (Fay) Washington, RCNA: Rosewood Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

34 Years


“I became a CNA because I love caring for people, helping them, making them laugh, and making their day. My favorite activities include working on the yard and being around my family.”



Loretta Carter, CNALoretta Carter, CNA: Bay Breeze Nursing & Retirement Home

32 Years


“I always like being around elderly people. Even as a young person, I loved to talk to them and listen to their wisdom. So, I decided to take care of them as a profession. It brings me joy to see the smile CNAs bring to their faces when we are taking care of them and knowing we might have made a difference at that moment.

When I’m not working, I love to read and meditate on God’s word. I love being around my family.”


Tonya Waters, CNATonya Waters, CNA: Suwannee

27 Years


“I chose to become a CNA because I like to help people. I love working with people and trying to make them happy. When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my family.”




Christina Robinson, CNAChristina Robinson, CNA: Suwannee

38 Years

“When I first started here, I didn’t have a car, but the staff looked out for me. I thought if they take care of me then I would take care of them. And that mentality has stuck with me through the years. I have missed a day of work in the last three years.

My favorite part of the job is taking care of people. When I’m not working, I love to shop for others and give back to people.”


Hilda Cuenca, CNAHilda Cuenca, CNA: Suwannee

26 Years


“I became a CNA because I wanted to take care of people, and that is my favorite part of the job. When I’m not at work, I enjoy being with family.”




Bernia Waters, CNABernia Waters, CNA: Suwannee

30 Years


“My favorite part about being a CNA is taking care of my residents. After work, I enjoy going on cruises, family time, reading, and listening to music.”




Sheree Gaines, Restorative CNA: Lakeside

24 Years

“I cared for my great grandmother and then placed her in this location so that she would be close to me. I enjoy working with my co-workers and assisting the residents.”


Kevin Glover, CNAKevin Glover, CNA

26 Years


“I became a CNA to help people and interacting with our residents is what I love most about my job.”





Elaine Attman, CNA: Lakeside

25 Years

“Taking care of others is my gift and calling. What I love most about my job is giving back.”


Geraldine Donald, CNA: Lakeside

33 Years

“I enjoy working with the elderly. Helping others is what I love most about my job.”


Michelle Jones, CNA

25 Years

“I love being a CNA and thank the Lord for giving me the career that that I have. I love taking care of people.”


Mary A Evans, CNA: Lakeside

31 Years

“I love caring for others. I enjoy taking care of my residents and making sure they are satisfied. I also love my co-workers and department heads. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, going to church, and loving my family and my residents.”


Alleria James, CNAAlleria James, CNA: Rosewood

47 Years


“I used to take care of my great grandmother. I love everything about my job as a CNA. My favorite hobby outside of work is reading.”




If you are interested in becoming a CNA and working at GCHC, please visit our careers page for more information.


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