GCHC Celebrates Nurses Appreciation Week 2021

GCHC Honors Nurses Appreciation Week with Spotlight on Tenured Nurses


At Gulf Coast Health Center, nurses mean a lot to our patients and us. They are responsible for the primary care and wellbeing of our seniors. And during COVID-19, many of them work under stressful conditions while still taking excellent care of our patients.

This year, we celebrate Nurses Appreciation Week by highlighting our tenured nurses — men and women who have been with our company for 25 years or more.

From GCHC, we thank you for your dedication to the company and our senior patients. We thank you for working tirelessly during a global pandemic and going above and beyond to provide excellent care to our patients.

Here are just some of the tenured nurses and a little about why they love what they do:


Peggy Dawson, LPN: Bay Breeze

35 Years


Mary Alderman, LPN: Bay Breeze

34 Years

“The biggest thing that keeps us coming back every year is seeing the smiles on the residents’ faces. Especially those residents who don’t have a family; we feel as though it is our job to be their family.”


Linda Jones, LPN: Margate

29 Years

“Working for GCHC is like working from home while being a progressive company that has moved forward embracing new technology and ideas. You still maintain a family-oriented organization that is inclusive to all.  It is a relaxed, comfortable, and structured workplace that is conducive to a creative and productive atmosphere.

We are family here, always made to feel that we are part of the team. That is why I stayed so many years with this company. As a nurse, I have furthered my education while sharpening my clinical and managerial skills. I am very grateful for that.  The company offers continuous education and incentive scholarships for going back to school and opportunities for promotions, and so much more.  Thank you for being my home away from home. I Love my Job!”

Martin Dean, LPN: Specialty

25 Years

“My favorite part about being a nurse at Specialty Health and Rehabilitation Center is the relationships I have built with my coworkers over the years. They have given their all and have sacrificed so much for their residents, family members, and the community to provide the best care they can for our residents.

We have had challenging times, but at the end of the day, we have all stuck together and accomplished what is most important, and that is the care for our residents.

I appreciate the opportunity that has been afforded to me over the years with GCHC, and I look forward to many more years!”

The following nurses shared why their role is so important:

Cassandra Witherspoon, LPN: Rosewood

47 Years

“Nurses are sometimes the last touch that a patient feels. They are there when the family is not. They are the ones that hold that secret that patients don’t want the family to know. They are that prayer partner when a minister is not available. They are family to the ones that don’t have a family.”



Shari Pike, LPN: Rosewood

28 Years

“Nurses are value at skilled nursing facilities because they support and care for the patients and are the eyes and ears of doctors and NP. Nurses ensure that patients receive the best care possible. Nurses are also continued companionship to patients during COVID-19 for people who have little contact without the outside world.”


Guillemette Chassereau, RN: Winter Park

35 Years

“Nurses are valuable to skilled nursing facilities because they are an advocate to the sick and elderly.  They provide the best care professionally and medically to stop any further medical problems before it is too late.  Nurses are trained to foresee any medical issues and provide an answer right away.”



Amber Sims, LPN: Greenbough

25 Years

“Nurses are valuable in the skilled nursing facilities because we are not only here to treat the patient’s physical ailments, we are also here for their emotional and mental needs. We are their family! We laugh, talk and cry with each other as family do.”

Alex Mcrae, LPN: Shelby

30 Years

“We make sure our residents receive the proper care and medical needs whether its long or short term.”

Nancy Sherman, LPN: Singing River

28 Years

“I enjoy the feeling of family as I go to work with residents and staff. Years spent with long-term residents knowing they trust you with their lives. You grow so fond of the residents and spend so much time with them. You spend more time with them than your own family. When one is sick or down, you are too. When one passes or leaves, a small part of your heart goes.

It brings me joy to be a blessing to some of them.  To help calm someone down, to hold someone’s hand, to be a sounding block. To encourage someone that they can do more for themselves. I love my residents.”

Melinda Ledford, RN: Suwannee

37 Years

“Nurses in our skilled facilities provide continuity of care.  We see the residents every day and recognize a potential problem by sometimes the slightest change in our residents. The recognition of these small changes often prevents our residents from getting seriously ill and often prevents a hospital stay.  Whether short-term or long-term, we provide care in a safe and controlled environment that is considered their home.

Tina Noland, LPN: Suwannee

27 Years

“Due to the pandemic, it has been made apparent the shortage and critical need of nurses in long-term care facilities. The world recognized that we are not only nurses, but we also filled the void of family. In my 27 years of being a nurse, there has never been a greater need for nurses, and I am thankful to be of service.”

Ellen Rowland, LPN: Suwannee

27 Years

“Nurses are the backbone of healthcare; we provide skilled nursing care to both short stay and long-term care residents who may need short term rehab and can return home.”


Specialized Nurses at Gulf Coast Health Centers

At GCHC, we consider it an honor to have tenured nurses on staff who love what they do.

Besides providing medical care, our nurses and staff help run a wide variety of specialized programs for senior patients, including our Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs. These programs require dedication and a passion for helping others – both of which our nurses demonstrate daily.

A special thanks to nurses at Gulf Coast Health Center this week and every week!

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