Optum Partnership Provides Crucial Care

Gulf Coast Health Care and Optum Deliver Results

Over the course of the last five years, we here at Gulf Coast Health Care (GCHC) have an enjoyed a successful and empowering partnership with Optum. We have worked in collaboration to create a care model that pairs advanced practices clinicians (APCs) like nurse practitioners and physical assistants within our centers, including Margate Health and Rehabilitation Center and Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center, thereby improving quality of care and helping reduce emergency room visits and long-term hospitalizations. The result has been improved care, improved lives, and improved clinical operations.

Then came 2020. Just as we were ready to introduce the Optum care model into five more facilities, the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic and the healthcare system faced a crisis. At that point more than ever before, we needed to have a quality, expedited processes in place to bring APCs to the patients who needed them most. As longer-than-average inpatient treatment and overloaded ICUs became a common occurrence, our level of care increased to match the seriousness of the situation.

Thanks to the five years of trust and experience cultivated by this partnership, GCHC and Optum successfully implemented these APC care models in record time, saving lives and livelihoods in the process. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put extraordinary duress on hospitals, healthcare professionals, and patients across the country, GCHC remains dedicated to helping people lead the happy and healthy lives they deserve.

What did GCHC and Optum accomplish?

In addition to increasing quality of care during an unprecedented crisis, the APCs put in place by GCHC and Optum were also able to deliver these crucial goals to their clinics.

  • They ensured access to flu shots and qualifying medical supplies like pressure pads and wheelchairs.
  • They provided additional on-site care that took pressure off physicians and reduced the need for hospitalization.
  • They administered the Optum digital platform that helped keep patients, associates, and families connected to everything they need.

Learn more about our success

More details about the latest development in our ongoing partnership with Optum can be found by clicking the link below. Learn how our process of providing expert APCs to the clinics and people who need them most is creating the level of care necessary to meet the demands of this turbulent and historic time for healthcare.


Optum and Gulf Coast Impact Story

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