Wii Fit



Rehabilitation through Wii Fit

Wii Fit is a new, fun way to exercise and not even realize it! Our rehabilitation services combined with fun activities from Wii Fit allows our team to improve the quality of therapy, also known as Wii-habilitation. Wii Fit provides games which can help supplement physical therapy and occupational therapy programs. Wii Fit games can supplement occupational therapy by helping patients to relearn activities of daily living such as brushing their teeth, brushing their hair and getting dressed. For example, learning movements to help cook can be supplemented by the game Wii Cooking Mama, which mimics activities in the kitchen from peeling potatoes to stirring batter. Another great feature for the Wii Fit is the training exercises from strength training, yoga, and aerobics to other balancing activities. The Wii Fit Rehabilitation Program is ideal for patients who need rehabilitation therapy to help recover from strokes, post surgery falls or other rehabilitative needs. In addition to the rehabilitation benefits of the Wii Fit, there are also a number of games to engage and motivate the user to take their fitness routine to another level. Games such as bowling, golf and tennis allows the user to have fun while building endurance. On Wii Fit, you set your own goals and can check your daily progress with charts and graphs. You can have a virtual in-game trainer, who will keep you on pace and on track.

The entire time you are watching a virtual image of yourself on the screen mimicking the movements you make. Wii Fit Rehabilitation program allows patients to chime into their competitive side and interact with others in a fun way. Competition and fun = increased time of physical movements which provides a happier, healthier atmosphere. For more information on the Wii Fit Program, please check out the Nintendo website.

Wii Fit