Onsite dialysis care for maximum convenience and continuity of care.

Dialysis room

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that chronic kidney disease affects 15% of US adults. In people age 65 and older, that prevalence is 38%. When kidney function is very low, known as end-stage renal disease, dialysis (or kidney transplant) is essential for survival.

At Gulf Coast Health Care skilled nursing centers, our focus on patients’ health includes management and reduction of risk factors and treatment of kidney disease. Importantly, we also offer hemodialysis care at three of our centers. Because in-house dialysis provides a significant easing of burden and risk, and offers optimal continuity of care, we plan to add it to other Gulf Coast Health Care centers in the future.

Here are the Gulf Coast Health Care centers currently offering in-house dialysis care:

Making treatment easier for patients with kidney disease.

The fact is that, with nearly four in ten seniors affected by kidney disease, many skilled nursing patients are under medical management for it, including needing dialysis. But offsite dialysis can be very disruptive to the health and well-being of this population, most of whom are already frail and often have multiple health problems.

With dialysis care taking place within three of our centers, and soon others, we’re able to maximize continuity of care. The care we provide is already informed by knowledge of the patient’s complete medical situation and unique needs. Also, moving frail patients in and out of transport, aggravating their comfort and risking fractures, falls, etc., is avoided. This provides a significantly less burdensome experience for these patients.

Top-quality care dedicated to your loved one’s best health and quality of life.

We follow not just the regulations and high standards for skilled nursing care but also the separate standards for dialysis care. And so will our other centers as they add in-house dialysis to their capabilities. These include:

  • Supervision by a trained registered nurse during the treatment.
  • Qualified, trained dialysis administering professionals remain in the room, maintaining direct visual contact throughout the treatment. (This person and the RN can be the same person, if appropriately qualified.)
  • Dialysis treatment is provided elsewhere if in-house treatment can’t be provided per the strict regulations (insufficient personnel, nonfunctioning equipment, etc.)
  • Personnel’s other duties cannot hinder delivery of dialysis care or compliance with these (and other) requirements.

For more information about onsite hemodialysis for kidney disease at Gulf Coast Health Care, contact our Rosewood, Wave Crest and Suwannee centers. You can also contact Gulf Coast Health Care by visiting our Locations page to find the number for a specific center near you.

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