Compassionate, quality hospice and palliative care in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

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At Gulf Coast Health Care centers, quality of life for our residents and patients is the highest priority. This includes those with chronic and advanced disease who are coping with life-limiting illness and end-stage disease, or facing end of life.

These individuals need a higher level of care to manage disease and symptoms and deal with the psychospiritual and emotional aspects of end of life. At Gulf Coast Health Care, many of our centers across Florida, Georgia and Mississippi offer hospice and palliative care to:

  • Ease patients’ pain
  • Provide advanced disease management
  • Provide the compassion and support they need and deserve
  • Maximize their emotional health
  • Help patients and their families with goal planning

Hospice and palliative care at Gulf Coast Health Care centers are highly coordinated and supportive programs delivered with the commitment and compassion we’re known for. Our hospice and palliative care teams include board-certified doctors, nurses, treatment specialists, social workers and support personnel, including volunteers. In all cases, we emphasize comfort, dignity, and emotional well-being.

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