Surgical recovery helps Gulf Coast’s patients and residents get the most out of life.

Patient laying on examination table with Doctor in the backgroundWhether you (or your loved one) are dealing with the effects of trauma, chronic disease, or other debilitating conditions, the goal is to achieve the highest level of independence possible. This is also true of returning to activity and normalcy following surgery. The objective is to make as quick and complete return as is possible.

A robust program of individualized care and ongoing education.

At Gulf Coast Health Care in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, we offer a robust program of surgical recovery services. Our interdisciplinary care team is dedicated to getting you back to your best physical function. So we develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan based on realistic, attainable recovery goals. Each member of the interdisciplinary team adheres to that plan, providing the specific treatments, rehabilitation therapies, positive support and patient education you need.

A cornerstone of our effective approach to recovery is the ongoing education not just for the patient, but also for the family members, who play a key role in getting their loved one back to normalized activities after injury, illness or surgery.

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