Gulf Coast Health Care offers complete wound care for patients.

Elderly woman having an injury on her hand wrapped.

Problems with skin integrity—such as pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds and other non-healing wounds—are known to severely affect the psychological and psychosocial well-being of seniors in skilled nursing and long-term care centers. In fact, wounds are a leading threat to the quality of skilled nursing care, which is why they’ve become a deliberate focus of the senior care profession… and for all of us at Gulf Coast Health Care in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary and individualized care backed by commitment.

For patients suffering from compromised skin integrity, Gulf Coast Health Care’s centers offer comprehensive wound management. Our dedicated, interdisciplinary care teams perform a thorough assessment of each patient’s skin integrity system. Then our caring, well-trained healthcare professionals develop an individualized treatment plan to most appropriately and effectively address each person’s unique skin integrity issues.

Here are just some of the ways your Gulf Coast Health Care center’s team treats all non-healing wounds in order to reduce the need for offsite treatment, unnecessary ER transfers and rehospitalization:

  • Cleaning and dressing
  • Debridements
  • Superficial abscess drainage
  • Compression bandages and stockings
  • Vacuum-assisted closure therapy
  • Antibiotics
  • G-tube management
  • Dermatologic and rash evaluations

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