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About the COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine is here! It has been over a year since the CDC announced the first case of the novel coronavirus in the United States. The pandemic has made things difficult for everybody, particularly healthcare employees and other frontline workers who have been tasked with keeping things moving during the pandemic. This includes Gulf Coast Health Care staff members, who work so hard every day to keep patients safe. Now, their tremendous risk is being rewarded thanks to increased vaccine distribution. We officially have access to these extraordinary immunizations, and our beloved staff is among the first in line to receive them. Keep reading to learn more about their journeys, or read our latest COVID-19 vaccine FAQs.

Vaccinations at Gulf Coast Health Care

Our company president, Brett Barnett, has led the charge in vaccinations among GCHC employees. He was recently immunized against COVID-19 and put together a short video to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. You can watch the video now.

An employee wearing a masking holding a vaccine certificateMeanwhile, other members of our team have also been vaccinated, including Scott DiLoreto, our director of financial strategies. He said he got the vaccine because of his father, daughter, and mother-in-law. In a statement shared with the GHCH family, Scott said “I watched my father pass away from COVID-19 and it was a difficult journey. As a father, I must do what I can to protect my daughter, who has congenital heart disease. As a son-in-law, I must do what I can to protect the wellbeing of my mother-in-law, who lives with us.”

An employee wearing a masking holding a vaccine certificateJamie Oliva, one of our certified nursing assistants (CNA), also received a vaccine. Her reason: “My patients and family.” Norman Clark, one of our floor technicians, said he got the vaccine “to protect others and myself.” Guy Latimer, regional maintenance director, was next line. He said his reason to get the vaccine was “the safety of families and residents and staff,” which reflects GCHC’s commitment to public health. Licensed practical nurse Kathy Newman had a simple but purposeful reason to get the vaccine: “I had the opportunity.”

An employee wearing a masking holding a vaccine certificateIndeed, the team at GCHC is seizing the opportunity to help put an end to the pandemic by receiving the vaccine and encouraging all patients to do the same. They are at high risk for catching the disease because their jobs are essential. Frontline workers, alongside folks like our patients, who often have serious underlying medical conditions, have had to sacrifice much during this pandemic, and GCHC is proud to reward them for that sacrifice. Join us in thanking and congratulating them.

Benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine

As the vaccine becomes more accessible, we will continue to encourage our staff and our patients to receive COVID-19 immunization because it is the final step in returning to a normal and more familiar way of life. The vaccine will prevent frontline workers and other individuals from getting the disease, and it is the safest way to protect against infection. This is extremely important for our patients and our staff because they find themselves among the most at-risk populations. By getting the vaccine, they not only improve their wellbeing, but they play a huge role in stopping the pandemic itself and keeping their families and friends protected. GCHC sees the COVID-19 vaccine as a tremendous healthcare opportunity that we cannot let go to waste. We are fully committed to public health inside our centers as well as outside our centers.

An employee wearing a masking holding a vaccine certificateContinuing COVID-19 policies at GCHC

Health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do here at GCHC. Even before the coronavirus crisis, our protocols were geared toward ensuring the complete wellbeing of our staff members, patients, clinicians, visitors, volunteers, and anyone else who came through our doors. Following the coronavirus guidelines recommended by public health officials was a major priority in the early days of the pandemic and remains at the forefront of how we operate today. We also incorporated policies unique to our centers, including social distance requirements between patients and updated visitation rules for guests. You can learn more about our efforts by looking through our COVID-19 resource page.

An employee wearing a masking holding a vaccine certificateIf you have questions about our process, please contact us directly.

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