1/9/14 - Longwood Health and Rehabilitation Center

Tracey –

I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for everything with my mom.   I got to thank most people in person when I picked up her stuff but I did not see you or Chewy. 

I cannot tell you how much it meant to my family how your staff made my mom and us feel like home.  From the moment you walk in, Kelly makes you feel immediately welcome.  And of course, my greeting from all of the dogs would make my day!

And personally, we are so grateful to you for the way you “rescued” my mom from Seminole South after she broke her hip.  You personally called the hospital to make sure they were doing the right things before they sent her back and made sure that the pharmacy stayed open to make sure she had her prescriptions.  We can never thank you enough.  When I got there that night, Jessica was already investigating her new medications and was wonderful with her. 

The only reason my mom was able to stay with us as long as she did was due to the dedication of the staff at your facility to nurse her back to health.  My mom could be difficult and I never saw anyone treat her with anything but kindness.

The extra time that the staff took to try to get her to eat again was amazing – from Sparky (?)  tracking her weight closely and putting her in the rehabilitation dining room to the most generous of gifts that Jonathon gave us of feeding her a smoothie personally on the days that he worked.  It gave us a peace of mind to know that our mom would get her special time with Jonathon every day J  She also really loved the physical therapy staff – she would drop my hand like a hot potato for one of them.

You were wonderful in always letting us know that my mom had a place available whenever she needed one – it meant a lot to not have to worry about that.

My sister is coming down in February so we are planning on stopping by – hopefully we can see you and Chewy then and thank you in person. 

 Best wishes for a Happy 2014! 

Please give Chewy a big hug for me!

Cheryl-Family Member