11/15/2016 - Boynton Health Care Center

Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, a time when we reflect on the most important people in our lives. This year, all of you at Boynton Health Care Center are among those for whom we are above all grateful. How can we ever convey to you how overwhelmed we have been since the very first day we arrived at your wonderful Center that stands as the very model of excellence for compassionate health care. No other group of people, no other place, has so quickly taken us in and made on us the indelible impression that you have. You proudly display above your front door the national recognition you have received. No amount of recognition could ever truly speak to who and what you are.

First to thank is dear, amazing Allyson Dedic who worked tirelessly to arrange for the smoothest possible transfer from Bethesda Cornell. Her reassurance that everything would be attended to was an understatement, for she is the ultimate professional and stress reliever. I will never forget her immediate response to an important question on a Sunday afternoon! Our caseworker at Cornell never failed to compliment her, but I hope Allyson knows that we are the official heads of her fan club. Just seeing her in your front office makes me feel safe and loved!

Wonderful Novlett was there to greet me when I arrived unannounced for a peek at Boynton Health. I certainly did not expect a tour, but receive one I did. Novlett graciously and patiently answered my questions and shared her pride in a place that must be equally proud to have her as its spokeswoman.

No words can convey my admiration for Katy Eastwood who never took her eyes off me as I described for an hour my husband’s complex medical history. I know she recognized my fragile state that night, for she responded to me with extraordinary sensitivity. Her every comment, her every question, showed me that she is a brilliant nurse who inspires the confidence of her patients and their families. You are truly blessed to have her as a Director. She is singular!

When Michelle Rios enters the room, the sun comes out! Transferring from Cornell which twice before was perfect for my husband but not so this third time, he was understandablynervous about the demands of your rehab program. I watched a wonderful calm come over him as beautiful Michelle assuaged his fears and promised him that he would get well in his time with the support of her talented and patient staff. She is a gift!

That my husband is on dialysis at an off campus facility makes his health care plan complicated unless you have terrific Maureen Thibodeau on your team! She appeared in his room on day one and ever since has been closely coordinating his care with our dialysis nutritionist, focusing on several problems to which she has refused to surrender. She is a wonderful professional and also a wonderful teacher who always helps me to understand what is taking place. I am deeply grateful.

Anxious about the business part of our Boynton Health Care stay, I was greatly relieved when Allyson ushered me in to the office of Dina Destefano. As I looked at the computer screens in front of her and what I knew must be many important papers on her desk I felt uncomfortable about interrupting her morning, but she told me she was happy to talk with me and went on to explicate insurance rules that had baffled me. She was so kind and so patient and I will never be able to thank her enough for putting my mind at ease about questions that had been troubling me greatly.

Every day when I walk the halls of Boynton Health I am struck by the warmth and friendliness of the place. Peggy Moses and Martine Philippe are the beautiful embodiment of those feelings. Always wanting to know how things are going, always asking if there is anything they can do to help, they make the Center a home. A hug from either one makes my day!

Finally, or perhaps firstly, we give thanks for the wonderful nurses and aides of Boynton Health Care. We marvel at their devotion to their patients, at their determination to provide the best possible care to each individual. They are so very kind and blessed with a positive spirit that is in itself healing. While my husband is of course the absolute focus of their attention, they never forget that he is the absolute focus of my life and, as such, allow me to ask too many questions, visit throughout the day, be the anxious wife. In short, they are everything one prays to find in a nurse and an aide. We treasure them.
And so we salute the extraordinary members of our Boynton Health Center family: Mark Kobelin, RN
Rose Aneus, RN
Karine Louis-Charles, RN Marsha Smithen, RN Mirlande, RN
Micheline, RN Jillian Pierce,RN Flore Alexis, RN Becky


Mary Woytysiak, OT Umar Muhammed, PTA Luis Rivera, PT Anthony Skody, OT Doreen Dausilio, PTA

The Speech Therapy Department

We know that before we leave you, there will be others whose names will belong here. We thank them in advance!

And so we have reached the end of our tribute. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. May your lives be graced with people just like all of you!! We love you.

Sincerely yours,
Ronald and Kathy
Boynton Beach, Florida
November 15, 2016