1/29/18 -

On behalf of the entire Whited family, I want to thank each and every person on the staff at Bayside. From Michelle, who helped me navigate all the financial aspects of this; to Dusty, whom Mom loves and still talks about for his incredible kindness to the patients; to OF COURSE the nurses on the floor. Without you nurses, Mom wouldn’t have made it.

From the bottom of my heart and from all of my family: Thank you for saving my mom’s life and for keeping her healthy enough that I could fly her out to my home in Vegas. You are all heroes to me. I’ve got a few novels coming out this year. If I strike it rich, I’ll be donating to Bayside late this year to ensure the high level of care my mom enjoyed will be available to others there, too, regardless of their financial circumstances or ability to pay. Perhaps I could set up a fund in Mom’s name for needy patients. We’ll see how sales go.

Now that I’m Mom’s chief caregiver, I realize how unbelievably difficult your job is. And I thank you for all you did. My mom, as some of you know, is a retired RN. A floor nurse at Baptist Hospital, also an ER nurse and, later, an operating room nurse. She appreciated all of you and everything you did for her. She knew you were providing her with excellent care, and she still talks fondly about all of you despite her dementia and inability to remember very much.

You made a lasting impression on her, and on our entire family. I know you are never thanked enough for what you do, but from me, from my wife, from my mother, from the entire Whited family: Thank you, Bayside. We love you all. You saved Mom’s life. You are giants. You are heroes. Thank you.