06/08/2015 - Ocean Springs

I am a 73-year-old woman who went to Ocean Springs Health and Rehab after secondary complications following knee replacement surgery in May 2015. I was reluctant to go, as my experience with similar places in the past had not been positive. However, I knew my experience would be a good one when, on the third day during change-of-shift, I heard a staff member singing happily, “I’m so glaaaad we had this tiiiiime togetherrrrrrr!” in the hallway. And I was right.

I am not only glad, but grateful, that my doctor recommended this facility after my surgery because it gave me the time and care I needed to get back on my feet (literally). Though I admit it was a hard adjustment at first, in the past few weeks I found reason to be grateful for being there every day. The level of care was unexpectedly amazing.
In a little detail, here are the things I really liked about the facility:

The Staff: The staff ALL exhibit a sense of care and concern for patients no matter whether they are long- or short-term care patients. Highly compassionate, they truly give a sense that they cared about me as a person, and relationships were built (even in the relatively short amount of time I spent there). I especially want the staff members to know how very important it was for my healing process to feel a human connection—and especially since I know there are some patients there who do not have regular (or, any) visitors who care how they are doing. The staff were welcoming, and warm, and if you have to feel your worst away from home, that was the kind of place I would hope exists for anyone. There was an incredible mutual respect between staff members and between staff and patients, and I witnessed no power struggles like I’ve seen in other facilities. Both my husband and I always felt free to ask the staff any questions or make any requests, and, most importantly, I felt that it was always okay for me to express my personal preferences.
The “Schedule”: Something I really appreciated when I was in the facility was that I was never left guessing “what’s next.” All my needs (large and small) were treated with the same respect, which was important when there were so many unknowns in my recovery. I even needed to be taken to my doctor’s office for an appointment and the staff got me there and back promptly and safely.

The Smiles: I decided that an ability to smile must be a prerequisite for working there. Everywhere I looked, day or night, the first expression I saw on the faces of everyone–staff and patient alike–was a smile. And, with that smile was ALWAYS a kind word or a gentle touch. Again, this staff understands the importance of human contact and I felt very welcomed in a matter of days. The staff there also seemed to like what they do, and they seemed to be treated well, both of which trickled down to me as a patient.
The Service: I found the staff on all shifts were eager and attentive to my needs. I did not ever feel as if my own preferences were put aside for convenience of the staff member(s), nor did I ever feel as if my expressed needs were not “listened to.” In addition to the brightness of the staff demeanor, the facility itself was large and bright, not dark and depressing like many facilities.

I would recommend the Ocean Springs Health and Rehab facility (and its staff) to both my friends and family members without hesitation, and I would like to thank the administrators–and most of all the staff–for helping me begin my recovery.