9/12/13 - Parkside Health and Rehabilitation Center

There is no way I can adequately explain how much my sister’s life and my own have been changed for the better since she moved into Oakwood Gardens, just 12 days ago. The staff here has been so welcoming to our whole family.

Lisa has lived with my husband and I for 7 years, and the decision to seek a nursing home for her has been heart breaking. I chose another facility in town because of their facility’s physical appearance, and the reputation of good care from years past. Unfortunately, I learned many things during Lisa’s stay there to convince me I had made the wrong decision. I moved her to Oakwood Garden, where she has once again become the happy, involved person she once was. The CNAs here are friendly and caring, while being very professional. They have taken time to get to know Lisa’s preferences regarding TV shows, activities, and food. They have taken the time to speak with me regarding her care, and I feel as if I’m being heard! The nurses also have discussed her medical care with me and side effects of medicine she takes and again, I feel they have attached value to my observations. The activity staff and the programs they are implementing are invaluable; I never feel that she will be sitting with nothing to do, unless she just needs a break. The Orchid Program has made a huge difference for her and the staff there is just phenomenal. The physical therapy staff has Lisa up and walking again, after she was deemed a full lift by the previous facility. I know she has not walked in about 2 weeks before she moved, and I was concerned about her rapid decline. Now I may be able to transport her myself on occasion to go out to eat or for home visits.

I will recommend Oakwood Garden to everyone I know.

Please let your staff know how valuable they are!

Thank you! Martha Ashley  9/12/13