05/25/15 - Grand Boulevard Health and Rehabilitation Center

I am a retired nurse having spent 45 years in navy hospitals and civilian hospitals. I have worked with staff “just doing a job” and staff with “a heart for their roles.” My 2 months at Grand Boulevard was a reversal of roles for me. I was now a health care receiver, not a role I was prepared for but it was made much easier because of the Grand Boulevard staff. If I started listing names I would leave some off. Instead, I will offer my opinion that I did not meet a member of the staff that did not express a heart and spirit for the patients they cared for. That list would include administrator, nursing staff, therapy staff, housekeepers, dietery and engineering staff. I am anxious to be going home but will miss the friends I have met here. I will gladly recommend Grand Boulevard to anyone needing restorative, compassionate care.

Lind Fullerton